The rebirth of the corner brewery and the rise of craft distilleries has made Michigan one of the country’s leaders in the craft beverage industry.  Recent years have seen enormous growth in hops production, along with significant improvement in the quality of Michigan grown hops. Here at Macon Creek, our mission is to bring craft malting back home to Michigan, connecting small farmers to small brewers with a malt less traveled, for a truly local experience.

CRAFT BREWING starts with malted grains

Craft brewing is defined by small production, independent ownership, and the use of traditional methods and flavoring. While large scale industrial brewers use a variety of additives and adjuncts to make beer lighter, crisper, and cheaper, craft brewers almost exclusively use barley and other small grains. But those grains don’t come to the brewhouse directly from the farm; they have to be malted first.

we source locally grown grains

Michigan is a national powerhouse in both craft beverage and agriculture. Yet Michigan’s craft breweries and distilleries have to import nearly all of their malts, despite the fact that most of the grain they use can be grown locally. How can we connect these two industries so they can work hand in hand? That’s where Macon Creek Malt House comes in.

helping craft truly local beverages 

By working directly with Michigan farmers to grow high quality grains best suited for our microclimate, showcasing the unique features of each grain with acute attention to quality and detail, and continually communicating with brewers about brewhouse performance, we’re helping build craft beverages that are truly local.  

Our Commitment 

We’re committed to keeping our supply chains transparent, our partnerships strong, and our profits local, ensuring our communities are as rich as our beers.