Here at Macon Creek, we’re connecting #midwestgrown, heritage and organic grains with craft food and beverage makers— brewers, distillers, chefs, bakers, millers, and foodies.

Grains- The last frontier of local food

Interest in and dedication to local food systems continues to increase at a rapid rate.  According to the USDA’s Census of Agriculture, national direct-to-consumer food sales are growing twice as fast as total agricultural sales. Local, specialty, and artisanal foods are considered one of the fastest growing business propositions. This growth and interest is exemplary in the midwest— Michigan is a national leader in direct-to-consumer food sales. Yet, the Midwest’s top three crops— corn, soybeans, and wheat— are mostly exported to other states and countries for animal feed.

we Buy Local grains

By working directly with Midwest farmers to grow high quality grains best suited for our microclimate, showcasing the unique features of each grain with acute attention to quality and detail, and continually communicating with makers about ingredient performance, we’re helping build a truly local food system

Our Commitment 

We’re committed to keeping our supply chains transparent, our partnerships strong, and our profits local, ensuring our communities are as rich as our grains.